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Outlook Hanging Problem (Not Responding)!!

Microsoft Outlook adopts bulk of data in inbox. Once it receives the large sized data in mailbox directory then its starts hanging problems. Technically, it may happen due to large size outlook.exe files which may progressively work in email background and take space from the hard disc. Read More:

Alert Bell

How to turn on sound alert in Outlook when received new message?

Now you can easily add sound alert to your Outlook when received NEW mails. By default Outlook includes sound clip, which attentive you when new massages arrive. Because of this facility you don't have to check your mails every minute. If you do not like the default sound setting then you can change it and set it according to your own choice. Read More:

Embed video

How to Embed YouTube Video in Outlook Email ?

Due to many security reasons you will do not embed a YouTube video in email message. But you will of course just link the video. To make it a bit more prettier, you can paste an image of the video in your message as a teaser and then link this image so that people can click on it to directly open the video on YouTube in their browser. Read More:

Time Zone

How to Change Time Format in Outlook - Windows ?

Changing a current time zone in Outlook, may reflect all your calender entries and update time zone according to new formats settings. Example: Suppose you have set by default outlook time setting and now has changed into USA time zone all entries will work according to USA time zone. Read More:

Time Zone

Open an Outlook Data file Without Using an Email Account!!

A personal folder file (.pst) is an Outlook data file that stores your messages and other items on your computer. When you want to create archives or back up your Outlook folders and items on your computer, such as exchange accounts, you must create and use additional .pst files. Outlook Data files (.pst) are used for POP3, IMAP, and web-mail accounts. Read More: