Sync Google Calendar with Outlook 2010 !!

This Article carries number of ways to sync Google calendar with Outlook hopefully you will select the best approach.

  • How to Synch Google Calendar with Outlook 2013 and 2010
  • Google Calendar Sync App for Outlook
  • Free Services and Tools to Sync Google Calendar with MS Outlook
  • Import/Export Calendar between Google and Outlook

Synch Google Calendar with Outlook 2013 and 2010

This method set one way syncing from Google calendar to MS Outlook. Here Outlook checks the Google calendar periodically for updates and if modified or new event found, it will be downloaded and displayed side by side with Outlook appointments.

Copy URL of Google Calendar's

See the Screenshots

Step 1

  • Log into "Google account" and click on "Google bar Calendar".

click on calendar icon

Step 2

  • Go through the "desired calendar" in the calendar list at the left hand part of the screen and "click on drop-down arrow" that fount at the right of the calendar name and after that "click on calendar setting".

Click on Calendar

Step 3

  • Now a calendar detail page open at your screen, if Google calendar public then click on "green ICAL button" under Calendar Address. If calendar is private then click on "ICAL button under Private Address".

Click on ICAL

Step 4

  • Copy "calendar URL" and now you can paste it on any application that supports "iCal format" and "access Google calendar".

Copy url

Synchronizing with MS Outlook 2013 and 2010


Step 1

  • Open Outlook and switch to Outlook Calendar after that manage ribbon group.

Click on manage calendar

Step 2

  • Click on "Open calendar" and select From "Internet from drop down list".

click from internet calendar

Step 3

  • Now "paste Google calendar URL" and click on "Ok".

paste url and click on ok


Step 1

  • Click on "File" tab and select "Account Setting" twice.

click on Account settings

Step 2

  • Switch to "Internet Calendars" tab and then click on "New".

click on new

Step 3

  • Paste Google calendar URL by pressing Ctrl + V key and then click on "Add" button.

paste url and click on add button

Step 4

  • To "Close Account Setting" dialog box click on "Close" button.

Click on close button

Step 5

  • In "subscription option" dialog box insert the folder name for imported calendar and make assured that the "updated limit checkbox is selected". If you need to transfer attachments within Google calendar events, select analogous option and click ok.

subscription option

Google Calendar Sync Apps for MS Outlook

Google Apps Sync for Outlook plug-in, this sync app compatible with all version of Outlook from 2003 to 2013. It automatically syncs messages, calendars and contacts between Google apps server and Outlook. It also has an ability of copying data from company Exchange servers.

The Google Apps Sync is applicable for only paid accounts and Google Apps for Education, Government and Business users.

Free Service and Tool to Sync Outlook with Google Calendar

gSyncit a free add-in to sync Outlook notes, contacts, tasks and calendars with Google. It also supports Dropbox, Evernote and some other account synchronization. Benefit of using this tool in compression to sync method is that you can edit Google calendar events imported in Outlook calendar.

gSyncit Tool has free and paid versions, both allow one way and 2 way syncing of tasks, calendars, notes and contacts. The main restraint of the free version is that it permits syncing with single calendar and displays pop-up window on Microsoft Outlook startup making you wait for a few seconds.

How to Sync Outlook with Google Calendar through gSyncit

Step 1

  • Click on "setting" button on "gSyncit" tab on Outlook ribbon.
  • In "Setting" window, select what items you want to sync available on the left panel and then click on "New" button.

click on new

After that create new mapping by defining three basic things

Step 2

  • Click on "Verify Account" to enter "credentials" and then verify Google Account.
  • Click on "Selected Calendar" under section of "Google Calendar" to get calendar URL.
  • At last click on "Select Calendar" under "Outlook Calendar" section to select Outlook Calendar you need to sync with. It may be like "\\account_name \calendar or "\\personal folder\calendar".

select calendar

Step 3

  • Go to the Sync Options tab and select the required options. For 2 way syncing select Sync Google to Outlook and Sync Outlook to Google both.


To save new mapping click on Ok button that will link Google and Outlook calendars together.

Once new mapping is generated you simply click appropriate button on ribbon and Google calendar get sync with Outlook.

If you'd automatic syncing, head over to Application setting tab and select Sync Options after that configure preferred synchronization intervals. You can also activate automatic syncing at the time of starting or existing Outlook.

SynqYa free web service to Synchronize files and calendar

Consider this free service as alternative way to handle Outlook and Google calendar synchronization. It allows two ways syncing from Outlook to Google and vice-versa, syncing between iPhone and Google is also supported.

Steps for synchronization:

  • Sign up for synqYa account.
  • Authorize Access to Google Calendar.

Import/Export Calendar between Google and Outlook

By Implementing this process transfers a copy of calendars in iCalendar format from Google to Outlook and vice versa. However snapshot of imported calendar are not updated and every time you need to get a new snapshot when a calendar gets updated. This does not seems to be best approach if you are actively using both calendar, through it may work if stop using one of the calendar after synching with other.

Import a Calendar from Google into Outlook

Step 1

  • Copy Google calendar URL as shown above.

Copy url

Step 2

  • Click on "calendar URL".

Copy url

Step 3

  • After downloading basic.ics file click on it and import calendar into MS Outlook.

see imported calendar in Outlook

Imported Google calendar will accessible alongside with Outlook calendar under Other calendars.

Export Outlook calendar to Google

Step 1

  • In the Outlook Calendar select calendar that you want to export to Google and it active calendar in view.

select calendar

Step 2

  • Switch to "File" tab and click on "Save Calendar".

click on save calendar

Step 3

  • Type name for iCal file in field of File Name.

edit name of calendar

Step 4

  • Click on More Option to specify date range and detail.

click on more options

Step 5

  • After that Click "Ok" to close More Option dialog and then "Save".

change on ok

Click on save

Step 6

  • Log onto Google Calendar account.

click on calendar icon

Step 7

  • Open drop down menu of My calendars and then select Setting.

select settings

Step 8

  • Click on Import Calendar link under Calendar.

click on import calendar

Step 9

  • Click on Choose file button and browse .ics file and then click on Open.

click on choose file

click on open

Step 10

  • From next to calendar drop down box select the Google calendar which you want to import from Outlook appointment.
  • Click on Import button to end the process.

Click on import

Sync Google Calendar with Outlook 2010